Motsu Nabe

Hakata Motsunabe Ohyama

  • Lunch Menu ランチ対応
  • Night Time 深夜対応
博多もつ鍋 おおやま
博多もつ鍋 おおやま
  • 個室有りPrivate Tables
  • 予約可Reservations Possible
  • 宴会Party Course Available

Genuine Hakata Motsunabe (Hot Pot) Specialty Restaurant

Our delicious Oyama-style motsunabe is made with exacting standards for our ingredients and soup base.
All our tables are private, and we can accommodate anywhere from 1 to 40 customers per group.
Savor the flavor of Oyama motsunabe - a flavor you can't get anywhere else. Go To Campaign
TEL 06-6376-3002 06-6376-3002
Business Hours 月〜日
17:00〜23:00 (L.O.22:30)

Average Budget Average Budget ¥4,000
Party Budget ¥4,000
WEB ぐるなび
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  • 博多もつ鍋 おおやま
  • 博多もつ鍋 おおやま
  • 博多もつ鍋 おおやま